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2/3B - Newsletter

2/3 B - Alex daum

This month has been filled with a great balance of exciting new discoveries and experiences with familiar and favorite activities.

We have been talking some about where the animals outside go during the winter and where they get their food from. We have made a few different kinds of bird and critter feeders. We made bagel and toilet paper roll feeders using shortening and seeds. We have also strung cheerios and left those out to be eaten. We have enjoyed visiting these feeders and watching them change. We have been discovering new ways to use our arts and craft materials. Some children are interested in lacing projects. Some children are really experimenting with and mastering glue sticks. One change that happened after the holiday break is more and more finished crafts are being called presents. It is neat to see connections being made between time at home and time at school.

Our snack time continues to be a favorite time to talk with each other, sing and share common experiences. This month we had two particularly special snack time experiences. Kathy brought in a huge bag of organs and we made orange juice together. We commented on how strong our muscles had to be and also how sweet the juice was. We also made ice cream in a bag. The process is quite simple. The hardest part is shaking the bag to harden the ice cream.

Our favorite activities continue to be play dough, puzzles, reading books, birthday parties, and taking trips to the red mat area.