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Infant & Ones Newsletter

infant/Ones - Amanda Lambert

It’s been a busy month in the Infant classroom!  We are a group of almost all movers and shakers.  Landon has mastered walking over the past couple of weeks.  He is quite excited to be able to keep up with the big girls.  Piper and Effy have been testing out their budding vocabulary both through sign and spoken language.  Piper’s sign vocabulary increases every day.  The sign for “coat”, “hat”, and “shoes” are some of the more important ones as of late.  Effy shares at least one new word if not several every day.  She surprises us with all the words she know!  Maeve has shown an interest in dress up clothes in the past few weeks.  She especially enjoys the tutu skirts and floppy hats that we placed out in the classroom a few days ago.  

Ryan has become comfortable at moving up and over baskets, toys, and low lying furniture while exploring in the classroom.  She is now able to get up on top of the carpet blocks in order to look at and interact with her reflection in the mirror.  She can get down all on her own as well.  Bode wants to be upright and looking at the world.  He uses anyone and anything in order to pull up so he can get a new perspective on the space around him.  He also enjoys being able to get to materials that were usually out of his reach before this new skill emerged.  Abby has been showing off her new gross motor skills.  She can make her way around the classroom and maneuver around materials and furniture with ease.  She is also quite confident in pulling herself up into standing, as well as gets herself back down to floor level.

Pierce is thrilled to be able to sit up and really see the world now.  He is able to reach out and grab toys and maintain his balance.  Sitting has also giving him the chance to really interact with the older peers that are more mobile.  Avi is also working hard to join the group in their ability to move around the classroom.  He is now able to roll from back to belly and can even get from belly to back on occasion.  He has also discovered his toes over the past couple of weeks, which have now become one of his favorite things to play with.

We have also welcomed Daniyal and Bennet into the classroom.  They join us on Fridays and we are thrilled to have them as part of our classroom!