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ITC is a 501(c)3 non-profit daycare center offering childcare programs for infants, toddlers, and preschool. ITC also offers after-care programs for school-aged children through 3rd grade.


Infant Toddler Detailed Descriptions

Infants & Ones (3-12 months by September) 
There are 7 children per class with 4 teachers, at least 3 of whom are with the group.  Primary caregiver model ensures the youngest children benefit from the nurturing they need.

  • We will support each child's individual needs within a community of children, teachers, and families.
  • Every moment is an observable moment. We use our observations to create a well-rounded curriculum that meets the needs of each individual child. Through observation and documentation, we will learn more about the children, families and ourselves.
  • We will honor the knowledge parents have of their children and strive to learn from parents in order to provide the best possible care for each child.
  • We will create a classroom environment where children are free to explore different open-ended materials and sensory experiences. We will create a beautiful, inviting space that inspires children to initiate their own learning.

Young Toddlers (13-24 months by September) 
There are 8 children per class with 3 teachers, at least 2 of whom are with the group. Also benefit from the primary caregiver model. As Infants/ Ones become Young Toddlers, a teacher loops with them to ensure consistency.

  • In the Young Toddler classroom we value strong family-teacher relationships as well as building trusting relationships between child and teacher.  This helps support the children as they expand and explore new and emerging skills.  We believe each child has a unique approach to learning.  Free play both indoors and outdoors supports their learning.

Mixed Toddlers (18-30 months by September) 
There are 9 children per class with 2 teachers. A Young Toddler teacher often loops up with this group

  • We will create a community where everyone feels safe, comfortable, and able to thrive as individuals.

  • We will aspire to create an inviting environment for families and children.

  • We strongly believe in creating an environment of “yes” that allows for independent and free exploration both indoors and out.

  • We plan to capture children’s responses to our intentional environment through words and pictures and share our documentation with families to encourage a rich learning community for all.

2-3s (2 years by August) 
There are 9 children per class with 2 teachers. A Young Toddler teacher often loops up with this group.

  • In the 2/3 A and B rooms, we are committed to creating a trusting and supportive environment for children by providing opportunities for exploration and engagement. We believe in the importance of play and providing a variety of materials and experiences based on the children’s growing interests. We also have a passion for the outdoors and use that space as an extension of our classroom on a daily basis. This allows each child to grow in their strengths in a safe and nurturing space while building up their confidence. Our ultimate goal is to provide a fun-loving community for children, teachers, and families. We will:

  • Prepare an environment which will promote independence and self-confidence.  We will be inclusive of ideas, interests, and the diverse needs of the children, staff, and families. 

  • Foster and support peer relationships through modeling.  We will be available to guide children in their interactions with peers when needed, while allowing opportunities for children to negotiate their own solutions when appropriate. 

  • Create predictable, yet responsive, daily routines which will support children’s competence as they are able to anticipate what will happen next in their day.

  • Be present.  In our world of constant distraction, we will find moments in every day to be fully present with children as we observe individual and group play.  These observations inform our day to day curriculum and give us an understanding of each child’s unique interests and learning style. 

  • Provide an open-ended environment where our furniture and materials lend themselves to endless ideas.  While offering a variety of “loose parts”, we will support and encourage children’s innate creativity and imagination in their day to day play.