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PSb - Newsletter

Preschool B - Heidi reed

Happy New Year! As we settled back in from the holiday break the children have picked right up where they left off.  January has the children still thinking about making gifts for others.  The use of open ended materials for drawing and collaging speak to our interest in fine motor activities as we use our creative juices in art making.  We extend our interest by then wrapping and further it by adding a gift tag which some of us are now experimenting with writing their names.  It has been lovely to listen to the stories being told of the pictures while they work and for whom they are making it.  To receive these gifts is a joy and to watch as one child is surprised and the other feels a sense of pride is really something to behold.  Big block building continues to be of great interest to the children.  Each morning the children come together to build many structures; of particular interest are vehicles and homes.  The big block building gives children opportunities to problem solve, communicate, make decisions, and create.  Recently we have enjoyed building homes; we are extra mindful to make sure they contain a kitchen and a bathroom.  In the home, roles are created as children deliberate together to make sure everyone has a task such as mom, dad, brother, sister, baby, cousin, doctor, nurse, and or firefighter.  The dialogue during play is comprised of individual ideas that then are interwoven to form a big overall theme for example: the baby is sick and needs a doctor.  The children work together to plan and procure the materials needed to extend the play and the serious task of taking care of a sick baby.  As we deepen our thinking around building we have recently added Legos to the room.  The children have been busy at work creating the most amazing structures with great detail and story line.  We have needed to make a saving shelf as the buildings are important works for the children, many wanting to further add to it or proudly presenting it a parent.  As we move forward we will be thinking of ways to extend this interest.  Winter and snow are finally here and with it comes the awesome contrast with a changing season.  We are enjoying our play yard with many ideas on how to use the snow in their play.  They may try to build a snow man, cook with the snow, make mud, or tracks with their foot prints in the snow.  Once a week we take an adventure with Rob to the Big Woods where we are looking at how the woods change in the winter, animals, habitats, camouflage, and most recently evergreens.  These excursions leave us hungry for more information about the world around us and a few questions have arisen around planets, and the solar system.  I wonder where these thoughts might take us…