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PSC - Newsletter

Preschool C -  tara whitmer

January has been filled with lots of story telling. The children have been exploring the concept of story telling for most of the year through books, famous author studies, acting out books, and prop stories. This month, they have been setting up scenes with small trinket props and dictating a story to be shared with the group. They seem to be enjoying telling and listening to each others stories as they are actively listening and asking great follow-up questions. As the interest continues to be there, we will continue to build on the story telling idea. 

We also have been exploring shapes all over the classroom. There have been many games and activities surrounding identifying and using shapes.  This has kept them busy as many games have involved big muscle movements such as jumping into the shape or looking for the shape in the room. We are exploring shapes through play dough with shaped cookie cutters as well as shape stencils at the art table. As this is a great pre-math lesson, we offer many opportunities to learn about shapes.  

Also this month, we have a new dramatic play area! We named our vet office the Pet Vet. So much activity is happening around this new area. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. It's really made the space enriching and exciting.  We are learning about different pets and how to care for them and we are acting as doctors and groomers to care for the pets. We are learning new vocabulary around new tools and equipment. The vet play extends to other parts of the room as the children build homes for the pets on the block area and make name tags in the art area. We will continue to add and expand as the children's interests continue to be there. And a big THANK YOU to Dr. Burgess, Mateo's mom, for joining us this month and teaching us all about being a vet. Your visuals were amazing! The children loved all you had to share.