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PSD - Newsletter

Preschool D -  andrea kittay

What a busy and fun-filled few months it’s been in PSD!  We continued seeing patients on our “doctor’s office” under the loft, with the patients ranging from babies up to the elderly. My father, a retired podiatrist, came to visit and the students had the opportunity to look at and touch real human bones. He brought in his stethoscope and everyone that wanted to was able to listen to my heartbeat as well as their own.  It was a great chance for the children to be doctors, scientists, and explorers all in one!

To get into the holiday season, the class did some great teamwork by creating beautiful gingerbread houses together.  Everyone took turns mixing frosting then using that as “glue” to attach various candies.  They also cut out snowflakes and helped tape them to the ceiling to create a winter wonderland.  All the while, the children worked on their top secret holiday presents; which we were FINALLY able to reveal to our families at the end of the month!  The children had such a great time being bakers by measuring out the ingredients, being artists by decorating the cards, and being top notch secret keepers.  It was an enjoyable project for the kids to be involved in and those that made them at home told us how much fun they had and how yummy the cookies were.  At the holiday time, Joey had a special holiday music class!  He wore a Santa hat and everyone got to shake bells as we sang Jingle Bells and other holiday favorites.  Music with Joey continues to be a big hit with students and teachers alike!

After the holiday break, we turned our attention to snowmen!  We gathered various objects from around the classroom (pipe cleaners, corks, glitter, ribbon, etc) to decorate each individual snowman. Each student cut out their own “snowballs”, attached them with either glue or tape, and then went to town making them beautiful!  You can see them all displayed on the wall by the classroom. You can see the fine motor skills that went into cutting, coloring, and decorating this adorable snow people!

Math has been a hot topic in PSD.  Karin brought in an outer space math game that the children really enjoy.  The game consists of cards that contain math equations and the children, with the help of a teacher, use counting bears to solve the equation.  For example, if the equation is 2 + 4, the student will pick 2 bears of one color, 4 bears an another color, then count how many they have in total.  It’s been wonderful to see almost every child in the class engage in this activity and show a real interest in learning math.  In addition to the game, Moe read “Ten Apple Up On Top” and when you look around the room, you can see each child’s head with lots of apples on top!  The children cut as many apples as they wanted and with the assistance of Moe, taped them up on a picture of their head.  They love seeing everyone’s smiling faces on the wall with the silly apples balancing on top.

Along with math, architecture has been a big hit!  Some students read “Let’s Build” and now the whole class has suddenly turned into designers.  While using blocks, toothpicks and marshmallows, or Magnatiles, they have created all kinds of structures.