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History & Mission

What We Believe

At ITC, we honor childhood. We offer a positive learning environment that focuses on the whole child through an emergent curriculum based on the dynamic interests of the children and their families.

ITC celebrates the unique contribution of each child to our group. We take a constructivist approach, based on the belief that children acquire knowledge through their experiences, and that learning is most effective when a child is actively engaged in the process.  Children are encouraged to express their own interests and abilities through play, language, and artistic exploration.  Music, movement, and science are an integral part of the everyday experience for all our groups.

Our Hopes and Goals for Our Children While at ITC

  • To have fun and be given many opportunities to explore, making use of their innate curiosity about the world
  • To discover their unique skills and talents and realize that there is more than one way to succeed and to learn
  • To see themselves as competent, creative and trusted learners and problem solvers
  • To learn how to negotiate, compromise, and treat others with respect as part of a larger community
  • To discover the "languages" of painting, drawing, sculpting, and collage as means of expression and resources for building knowledge
  • To be excited for the next phase of their educational journey
  • Parent * Mixed Toddlers

    “From day one, I have never worried about my child [...] The teachers really make an effort to get to know her so they can help her work through her emotional and physical toddler challenges. The teachers are also a great resource for me. They help me learn how to work through these years. As a first time parent, I appreciate the teachers help so much and learn so much from them. That is priceless.”