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Prospective Families

Tuition & Aid


ITC offers part- and full-time schedules. Tuition is set in hourly rates based on hours of care per week. Contracts are signed annually with monthly billing. Contact us for information on current rates.

What Tuition Covers

ITC is a nonprofit organization and depends on tuition as the sole source of income to cover both fixed (e.g. mortgage, utilities, etc) and variable (e.g. materials, paper goods, etc) costs for the Center. ITC relies solely on monthly tuition to cover all expenses, including teacher salaries and operational fixed costs.

Program Fees

An initial per-family registration of $35 is required with your application. Registration fees for annual re-enrollment are $25 per family. To reserve your space, a $300 fee is required at the time of an offer. This deposit is partially applied to the first month’s tuition and partially refunded at the end of the child’s enrollment, after final tuition is paid in full. ITC offers a sibling discount of 10% off tuition for the oldest child in the program.

Center Schedule

ITC offers contracts for School Year (Sept - June) and Full Year (Sept - Aug) sessions. The Center observes major holidays, a Winter Break (i.e. December 24 – January 2) and 2 weeks in August. Tuition is not charged for these weeks.

Schedule Changes

You are committed to the length of your program year once you sign a tuition contract. Tuition payments must be made in full each month regardless of absences. There is a 5-month waiting period for any schedule reductions; this period is waived if the Center is able to fill the dropped time. Care beyond reserved schedule can be arranged in writing and approved by your child’s teacher as space is available. Program withdrawals require a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice.

Financial Aid

A scholarship fund is available to assist families with temporary or long-term circumstances which make full payment a hardship. Scholarships are provided as funds are available. To obtain scholarship assistance, please fill out an application for financial aid.  For information on this scholarship program, contact the ITC office at 978-263-2064.